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How To Play Bingo With A Gambling Approach

Bingo for the Beginner

The game of bingo has long been recognized as one of the easiest games to play in the World.
The only things required are bingo cards, bingo chips or a dauber. The only skill involved is being able to read numbers and recognize patterns.  The bingo hall offers up a prize and participants play the game to win the prize.  Even most children have the ability to play.

Object of the game:

The end goal of bingo is to complete the pattern that is preset by the caller.  The player that completes the pattern is the shortest number of calls, yells ‘BINGO’ and if all numbers are valid, that player is the winner. A Pattern is decided upon before the game begins. Patterns can be horizontal, diagonal, vertical, a box, in the form of an X or a complete blackout which is all numbers on the players card.

The Bingo Card

As illustrated on the bingo card to the left the letters B, I, N, G and O run across the top of the five columns. The entire card has a set of numbers that range from 1 to 75.

The layout is as follows:

B column can be any of the numbers from 1-15, the I column from 16-30, the N column from 31 – 45, the G column from 46 to 60, and finally the O column which can include any of the  numbers from 61 – 75. Each column can only have 5 of the numbers from their column range.

The card forms a grid where the middle space is a free spot, this cell does not need to be filled.

Game On

The first thing to need to get started a bingo card or multiple cards.  Most people that are seasoned players like to play multiple cards as this gives them a greater chance at winning.  However, you must be careful not to play more cards than you are capable of playing without getting behind the caller.  Numbers can be called quite quickly so it’s important to keep up.

The game begins once the caller has informed everyone of the pattern to watch for on their card.

Listen carefully for the numbers, the caller will first say a letter, either B, I, N, G or O, followed by a number in that columns range.  For example “under the B – 12”.

At this point you would check your card for the number 12 under the B column.  If you have it you either block it out with a bingo chip or daub it out with a dauber.

This process is carried out until someone completes the pattern and yells “BINGO”.

The caller or host on the floor will then check the numbers they have called with the numbers on the proclaimed winners card.  If the player indeed has blocked out all of the called numbers then they are a winner.  At this point that particular game is over and the caller reloads the numbered balls into the cage and moves to the next game.

The prize is generally awarded to the winning player immediately following each game.


It’s a big NO NO to yell ‘Bingo’ before you actually complete the pattern.  Seasoned players will get annoyed. This is something that happens mostly with new or beginner players until they become more knowledgeable about the game.

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