Offshore Casino For Real Money

Finding an offshore casino to play for real money

For some people, betting still involves visiting a casino or a race track to indulge in their favorite past time of placing bets. Betting like all other recreational activities has undergone a transformation, it is now possible to bet in an offshore casino for real money.

Though offshore betting has grown so much from the 90’s, you will be surprised to learn that it started way back in the 1980’s. The idea to take an American football pool to the UK was hatched by one Gary Bowman in 1985 who sold parlay cards to the British public.

Betting on sports was legal in England then and the idea was a runaway success, he later founded Bowman International to allow the British public make place bets on the American football games. The overall growth of offshore betting was however slow and only picked up from 1994 when the first online betting software was created. In the same year a major milestone was marked when the Caribbean Nation of Antigua and Barbuda became the first country to issue licenses to international companies to open online casinos.

Using an offshore casino for real money then became a reality. In the 1990’s online sports betting grew rapidly and the industry was estimated to be worth more than $830 Million in 1998. It was estimated that by 2001 over 8 million people had participated in online betting.

This led to a concern from some nations on how to regulate online betting and the US came up with regulations and in 2006 passed a law prohibiting US citizens from using credit cards and other bank transfers to fund online betting.

The law however does not make it outright illegal to bet online, but controls the use of money to bet. By 2008 online betting industry was estimated to be worth $21 Billion. The process of using an offshore casino for real money has now become a full time activity to many. Online sites offering all sorts of bets from online casino games, poker, horse racing and sports are available at the click of a button here.

These online casinos have developed a reliable deposit system where anyone interested in playing can deposit a certain amount of money to be used anytime they want to place a bet. This money is so safe at the sites that a customer has 24hr access and can withdraw anytime. The online casinos even offer bonus gifts for a customer who makes a deposit.

The online casinos have also assisted the money transfer market by coming up with faster and innovative solutions for making payments and receiving deposits from their customers. The casinos have also teamed up with sharp software developers to make the betting experience come to life complete with virtual game rooms where players can interact. They also have great promotions such as offering a free stake to regular customers to keep them coming.

The online casinos even have casino tournaments where one can test their poker skills against others with the eventual winner making a tidy sum of money. As the industry sees continued growth in revenues, authorities in some countries including the US still view the industry with suspicion.

The conviction of a few individuals and companies such as Zynga which was operating a robust online betting games platform has led to a rethink of strategies for the online Casinos. However, outside the overall industry has continued to experience robust growth and on an international scale many still depend on an offshore casino for real money.

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