The Bingo Renaissance

The Bingo Renaissance

If your vision of bingo is old people in slippers playing their favorite game for pennies then you’re behind the times as this is no longer the reality of bingo.

Recently the game of bingo has been reborn in a sense and is booming with the addition of online options.  It’s popularity has grown exponentially.

The annual stakes wagered on this legendary game is in the billions of dollars. It’s big business and not only in bingo halls.

However, the bingo industry hasn’t always been in the spotlight. It’s believed that around 1974, the game hit peak popularity. It was widely considered an inexpensive and fun way to provide entertainment to the masses. However, when TV arrived it crippled the game of bingo as the popularity dropped significantly.  It remained this way right through to the end of the 90’s.

Still after all of the ups and downs of the game it’s once again gaining popularity largely due to the internet. Numbers are holding once again and profits are going up.

Popularity has gained ground as a result of the marketing campaigns bingo companies have recently implemented. Promoting bingo via television and literature, notably in Europe in recent times has contributed to new excitement for the game.  Adaptation and modernization of bingo lingo has changed the way players refer to the games. For example: -21, the Key to the Door, Lucky Legs and others.

Many celebrities play the game on a regular basis and this certainly helps to promote bingo to the average citizen and as a result contributed to it’s rebirth. However there are those who would disagree. To seasoned players, its not about glitz and glamour. These are not the facets that make bingo so appealing.

Instead most of the regulars would argue that the appeal is in the warmth and social aspect that keeps them coming back.  This is a feeling that is mutual for players around the World.

For bingo regulars, it’s the opportunity to visit socially in a safe setting while having fun gambling. Being in a secure setting and friendly atmosphere is especially satisfying and it doesn’t hurt if you happen to have a funny entertaining caller to bring out some laughs.

However, even though many celebrity icons have proclaimed their love for the game, bingo is still most popular with and has that Worldwide appeal to the working class and in particular single females.

Interestingly enough the promoters that sell this popular game have shown their really not all that interested in marketing bingo to anyone falling outside this group. Quality and not quantity is the main goal as far as the promoters are concerned. The overall feeling is that its easier to entice existing players to spend more on each visit than it is to draw outside groups to the game.

Single female bingo players lend a huge advantage to bingo as this group becomes more populous, wealthy and liberated.

Physical community centers and bingo halls aren’t the only ones profiting from this recent surge in popularity.  The internet has added a huge stream of players to the game.  Now, with just a few clicks, prospective bingo players can take part in their own living room or study. And guess who the majority of these new players are?  You got it! Single females.

Some argue that the availability of bingo online is nothing to get excited about claiming that the whole reason they enjoy the game is no longer experienced when playing online.  Even checking off your numbers is done for you automatically. Mental benefits are non existent. The social enjoyment of the game is  missing, although many are satisfied with the online forums and chat rooms made available.

To add to the online argument bingo hall business in general suffers when no one is buying snacks, pull tabs, drinks and the many other entertainment related items that keep the community halls viable.

Having said that, the popularity of bingo is still rising and the internet has been a big part of that movement. There are those who don’t care about the socializing aspect of the game and would rather enjoy the comfort of their own home when playing.  To them its more comfortable.

It might be a little ambitious to think that bingo would become a gambling craze in a World dominated by land casinos. However, it’s safe to say that bingo’s popularity as its own entity is doing well and there is no sign of it slowing down!

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